Dealing with petty people who call police


Calling cops on neighbors for complaints that could be resolved by talking it out is petty, lazy, cowardly, and worst of all – it’s a violent act of aggression.

Sending a cop to any home is dangerous and I consider it to be an act of hostility. With their tools of tyranny, cops too often use batons to assault and guns to kill. Plus, cops have an almost unending supply of force at their disposal. Any force used by cops in response to a complaint is executed on behalf of the person who complained. That’s violent!

It is possible to persuade neighbors to stop calling cops for minor “offenses,” but it takes a little legal savvy and a lot of determination. But by the end of this article, I hope to give you a clear understanding of how a person can neutralize malicious neighborhood cop-callers. In short, you will learn the power of dealing with abusive neighbors by turning the tables on them in a very public, personal, peaceful, yet powerful manner.

My Story

We moved to a small community a mile high in the Utah Mountains during a snowy winter. We were relieved to leave 21behind Las Vegas, because my family had had enough of its police state.

A few days after we moved in, a couple of sheriffs paid us a visit. I was upstairs cooking something, wearing pajamas and a long robe. I cinched the robe with a gun belt. And I packed that belt with a loaded Springfield XD .45. Living in Vegas, I always wore that gun and I hadn’t yet kicked that habit and I’m glad for that.

I heard commotion in the basement that caused my dogs to bark. As I walked down the stairs to inspect, I met my daughter-in-law in the stairway. She whispered to me that there were cops in the basement responding to a dog complaint. She anxiously rushed upstairs to be with her daughter. Her anxiety was likely a manifestation of some form of PTSD from what we experienced  in Las Vegas – perhaps a topic for another article.

A neighbor had called the sheriffs to complain that one of our dogs had gotten loose. We were visited by two goober-like, Mormon-looking, clean-cut officers, and my husband let them in the basement to warm up from the freezing cold.  (That’s another story.)

When I showed up, I curtly asked, “What’s going on here?”

The deputy spokesman said, “We’re responding to a complaint about your dog. And we’re going to have to give you a citation for that.”

I asked, “Who complained?”

“We’re not at liberty to say,” said the deputy. The little guy looked a tad stunned, maybe because of my angry tone.

My adrenaline kicked in. Infuriated, I said, “Let me tell you guys how this family rolls. We don’t just pay fines willy-nilly. If you’re not going to tell us who complained, then we’ll find out in court.” Then I sarcastically asked, “Or do we not have the right to face our accusers here in UTAH?”

I probably looked to them like a crazed, unbalanced Latina with a big-ass gun. And frankly, that wasn’t too far off the mark.

In what seemed like an eager attempt to deescalate me, the deputy said, “Oh yes, ma’am. You do have that right.”

Then the deputy excused himself to go to his car to make a phone call. He returned to report that the complaint had been withdrawn.

We tried hard to keep our young boxer inside the house. But we’d get distracted with the unpacking and he’d manage to get out. We knew this was a problem and had made arrangements to build a fence as soon as the snow subsided. And by the way, there were several other neighborhood dogs that roamed. But for some reason it seemed that only our dog got the neighbors’ attention.

Here is a 36 second video of our big, bad dog playing with our grandchild in our Utah home around the time of the complaint.

A few days after that first visit from the sheriffs, we got another visit. This time the cops were called by a crotchety old lady who ganged up with a neighbor man-friend of hers to complain that our dog was on her property and made her fear for her life.

We challenged the citation and lost, since the dog was clearly outside of our property. But winning was hardly the goal. Rather, we used the system to punish the neighbors in the following four ways.

The inconvenience factor. The neighbors had to drive 30 miles to appear in court at the time of the court’s choosing. They were going to have to spend money on gas and to revolve their personal itineraries around the court date.

The fear factor. I open carried while walking my dogs, making sure to make a scornful face when I would see the complainers. Of course, it was just an act on my part. But I hoped the two felt a little twinge in their yellow bellies at the thought of dealing with this crazy lady. As it turned out, only my nice husband questioned the accusers since he and I had agreed that I would take notes.

The shame factor. During the trial, my husband asked questions to discredit the accusers and make them appear to be the utterly petty, ridiculous, and lazy lunkheads they were.

Reversing the violence. Most statists don’t even realize this, but challenging a citation that requires the accuser to show up in court, turns the gun around. Initially, when cops respond to a complaint about a home owner, it is the homeowner that is forced into submission by virtue of the cop’s gun and badge. But when the prosecutor subpoenas the accusers to show up in court to respond to the defendant, the table turns. It is the complainer who must now obey the command to appear in court along with the accused, or face the violence of the state.

A year later, a new family moved into our neighborhood. They, too, were greeted by cops responding to a complaint about their barking dog. The new neighbor’s wife, let’s call her “Nancy,” heard about our activities and approached us. I taught her how to fight the citation in court. Being more experienced, I helped Nancy create a terrific line of questioning that thoroughly humiliated her accusers along with the police officer who, by the way, perjured himself.

Nancy also lost her case but managed to make it clear to our small community through word-of-mouth gossip, that calling the cops for petty reasons will result in a lot of inconvenience, shame, and expense to them.

The Results

It’s been three years since Nancy’s ordeal. And to my knowledge, there have been no more complaints to cops about pets or anything else. By challenging a citation, our family used “the system” to discipline the community. The results of what we did were so effective, that I doubt we will ever see a cop at our doorstep again.

Rather than instantly calling a cop, a few neighbors have approached me for advice on how to deal with an annoying pet. My advice is to approach the pet owners directly. And I’ve learned a few other tricks to solve various pet annoyances.

The people in our small community are basically good, decent, hard-working, and reasonable. But this quick rush to call the cops needed to end! And hopefully, it has.

More tactics

To make it clear that we were here to stay and would not be bullied into leaving, we erected an enormous anarchy flag in our ultra conservative, “for-god-and-country” community.17

And we placed two gigantic no-trespass signs on our property. The signs basically tell cops to stay away unless they have a warrant, and that we’re prepared to shoot them if they trespass.19

Since I believe most of my neighbors are still under the misguided belief that cops are basically good, they will hopefully think twice before putting one of their “heroes” in harms way by sending them to our place. Plus, the cops themselves will hopefully encourage the complainers to approach us directly, since it will take an astronomical amount of effort to get a search warrant over some ridiculous pet issue.


As you can see from the sign, if someone was to pursue a complaint against us, a citation would have to be mailed to us and this would begin our action. Future complainers now know that they had better save up their gas pennies because a road trip to hell will await them.

Another tactic I used to stop neighbor harassment was to walk my three dogs throughout the community while open carrying my loaded .45. I pleasantly greeted all the neighbors that I saw along the way. By doing this, I discovered neighbors that were supportive of the “2A” and I used it as an opportunity to let them know that we anarchists are reasonable, approachable, peaceful people.

What else can be done?

Here are a few more suggestions to make friends with your neighbors and avoid having a neighbor send a “killbot” to your door.

– Participate in community activities or create one.

– Start a neighborhood Facebook group and encourage your neighbors to join.

– Go to your local farmers market and mingle with the vendors from your community.

– Go for walks around the neighborhood and introduce yourself to neighbors you meet.

– Invite or accept invitations to neighbors’ barbecues or parties.


Life ha20160726_143524s been great living in such pristine, serene surroundings. But as I described, it wasn’t this pleasant at the beginning. We had other issues with neighbors. One-by-one, each issue has been resolved peacefully, and hopefully for years to come.

Has a neighbor ever sent a cop to your home? Why? And how did you handle it?  What other ideas do you have to keep cops out of your property; to PEACEFULLY punish hateful neighbors; and to form positive neighborhood alliances?

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this article. Please share your comments, criticisms, and questions.

Next, I’ll write a short article about an interesting effect that resulted from displaying our anarchy flag. Hint: one effect is that we are attracting a better “class” of neighbors.


  1. Burly

    Great article !!!

    1. TigerLily Post author

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Buck

    Great information! I, for one, will follow it to a ‘T’.
    When I am faced with any court actions, I demand a trial by jury. Here, in Missouri, a jury trial can even be had for infractions (such as jaywalking).

    1. TigerLily Post author

      Thanks for the feedback. It was fun to bug the whiners. My neighbor who I mentored managed to expose her accuser as someone who believes in aliens and has very strange rituals. And she questioned the relationship between the co-accuser lady and the alien worshiping married man. Hopefully the guys wife made him sleep in the dog house. But then again, maybe she was some sister-wife?? A jury trial would be awesome. But the cases I described were in front of a judge. We knew it would be rigged in favor of paying a fine to the state but the goal was accomplished.


    Officers called into London were forced to deal with petty shoplifters while serious trouble broke out around them. This is London, it’s not Beirut. ‘The lawlessness was just unbelievable. And there seemed to be this anti- police feeling, even from people whose property we were trying to protect.’

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