The stunning effects of waving an anarchist flag


Sometimes it “pays” to be an anarchist. We placed a big anarchy flag on our porch and it attracted a better class of neighbors. Also, the flag may have also caused the property values to change. I’ll explain.


Who we are and why we moved

My husband and I are a couple of “god-less” anarchists. We moved to Utah to break free from the Las Vegas turmoil. I wasn’t sure what to expect in Utah, but I was relieved to get the hell away from the ever-scrutinizing modern-day “brown-shirts,” that is the Las Vegas Metropolitan PD.

In Utah, we chose a small, ultra-conservative, “for-god-and-country” Mormon community, population 600+.

Neighors’ reactions23

Since we are an ethnically diverse family, I suspect we raised a few eyebrows when we moved in. One of the neighbors brought us some homemade cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood. But others stayed away. Sadly, a few sent the sheriffs over to investigate. I addressed that in a separate post. In short, one of the complaints cost our family time, money, and grief.

An anarchist’s assessment of police

Most statists don’t realize that anarchists don’t believe in the initiation of force. We recognize that “government” is an inherently aggressive institution.

Statists often don’t even know that today’s law enforcers don’t have a duty to protect. Thus, the sole existence of cops is to enforce laws. And how do they enforce laws? With the inferred or direct barrel of a gun.

If you are statist and are not yet convinced that law enforcement inflicts violence, consider that every traffic stop is a death threat. When a police signals a driver to stop, that is not a request. It’s an order backed by a gun. Police are obligated to demand that the public obey a nearly endless list of laws. And they have the “authority” to gun down any person who resists.

Police are so dangerous, that one reliable source tallies over 1000 people killed by police each year.

Therefore, when a neighbor called the cops to report that we violated a “law” related to a dog that got loose, I took it very, very personally. In essence, that neighbor sent an armed human “machine” to force us to obey a laws” and to punish us if he had disobeyed.

Why we erected an anarchy flag

20160728_132913_4_bestshotFast forward to after we resolved the pet issue in court. I decided to make a bold statement to the entire neighborhood by placing a gigantic anarchy flag right on my front porch. Why not? If we anarchists have to be subjected to the violence that is represented by the countless number of neighbors’ American flags, then it’s only fair that we display our opposition to that violence.

The effects of the flag

Holy cow. What a reaction. Neighbors who drove by stared. I told an elderly neighbor, a staunch Republican, that the flag represented our dislike for President Obama. That made him smile. But that was only half true. An anarchy flag signifies a total disapproval for “authority” itself. But I figured that our elderly neighbor would never shed the “government” mythology, so I went easy on him.

My husband and I explained the others that an anarchy flag represents our disapproval of government. Since many of the neighbors are conservative, small-government minarchists, they did not appear to be terribly offended.

It serves as a “cop repellent”

The flag, combined with a couple of no-trespass signs that warns cops we might shoot them, likely has kept them away. And that was very important to me.

It possibly lowered property values

A new neighbor told me that our flag made an impression on the neighborhood. Let’s call him “Aaron.” The story went something like this:

A realtor showed Aaron the home that he eventually bought. It’s located just a few lots from ours. When the realtor drove past our house, Aaron noticed our flag and pointed out it out to the realtor. The realtor appeared to be embarrassed and he apologized for flag. Per Aaron, the realtor told him said that our flag had been a problem for another potential buyer.

Aaron informed me that the price of his property was reduced shortly before the realtor showed it to him. And, although this is only speculation, it is possible that the property price was lowered because the flag contributed the the loss of the sale from the previous potential buyer.

It attracted great people to join our neighborhood

Aaron informed me he decided to buy his house because of our flag and not in spite of it. He said he appreciated living with neighbors who are disengaged from “government.”

While I never anticipated a flag could decrease property values, there was a definite upside. We attracted a lovely family to our neighborhood. Plus, if our flag caused a kindred spirit like Aaron to get a discount, how great is that?

What if we’re asked to get rid of our flag?

It is stunning that a flag could have the power to alter realestate value. And if one of our contemptuous neighbors would want us to remove it to improve their property value it would be poetic justice. But I’m not sure how I would react, though I hope I would have the grace to forgive, forget, and comply. Plus, good ridden’s, “amigo!”

Personally, I don’t have an emotional attachment to any flags. In fact, I call people who do, “flaggots.”

So if you were were me, and you were asked to take down your flag, what would you do? Would you:

a. Refuse?

b. Accept if reimbursed for the citation that prompted me to erect the flag?

c. Accept on condition that all neighborhood statist flags be removed?

Or can you imagine another peaceful resolution?

By documenting this experience, I hope I informed, enlightened, and entertained you. Thank you for reading and I hope you will share your questions, comments, and criticisms below.

Roaring for liberty as always,



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